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    1. I/We declare that I/We contributed significantly towards the research study i.e., (a) conception, design and /or analysis and interpretation of data and to (b) drafting of the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content and on (c) final approval of the version to be published.


    1. I/We hereby acknowledge JSSS conflict of interest policy requirement to scrupulously avoid direct and indirect conflicts of interest and, accordingly hereby agree to promptly inform the editor or editor’s designee of any business, commercial, or other proprietary support, relationships, or interests that I/ We may have which relate directly or indirectly to the subject of the work.


    1. I/We also agree to the authorship of the article in the following sequence:


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    Important Note:


    1. All the authors are required to sign independently in this form in the sequence given above. In case an author has left the institution/country and whose whereabouts are not known, the senior author may sign on his/her behalf taking the responsibility.


    1. No addition/deletion/or any change in the sequence of the authorship will be permissible at a later stage, without valid reasons and permission of the Executive Editor.


    If the authorship is contested at any stage, the article will not be processed for publication till the issue is solved.

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