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    Original Research Article:

    To assess the cost effectiveness of rajhapravartini vati in management

    of pcos patients with reference to their ovulation study.

    Aparna Raut, Chitra Gawande                                                                              ...2


    Importance of yoga in keshavikar

    Bhavana Tharewal, Milind Aware                                                                         ...10


    Efficacy of kashmaryadi-kwath virechan in vatrakta (w.s.r.gout)


    Borole Harshal S., More Manjusha, Chondikar Shailaja P                                   ...16


    Effect of yonivarti  in the manegment of leucorrhea due to cervicitis

    Deshmukh Pradnya; Chondikar Shailaja                                                              ...21


    Critical study of arthashraya w.s.r. to concept of


    Saraf Abhijit, Tharewal Bhavana                                                                          ...26

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