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NEW MSR …Riddles in Ayurveda…..

Original Research Article:

1. Comparative study between ingredients of taambul

    in samhitas and routine ingredients of taambul

Joglekar Aishwarya A. , Joshi Sumedh S.  , Joshi Tanvi S. ,

Chaudhari Chetana D. , Joshi Mohan R.


2. Assessment of ayurvedic treatment in liver disorders with

    yakrutplihodarari loha.

Sardeshmukh Bhagyashree, Deshmukh Vineeta


3. Exhaustive study of vriddhadaru with special reference to rasayana

Dasari S. L.


4.Mechanism of action of leech by different salivary secretions

Krantikumar D. Amaley, Amit M.Naphade


5. Ayurvedic orientation of hypertention to differentiate between disease and symptom

Shandilya Priyanka, M.Shreevathsa


6. Critical study of research methodology in ayurvedic classics:

    a comparative study with modern methodology.

Yerawar Prabodh Moreshwar


7. Comparative evaluation of anti-ulcer activity of aamalaki mashi

   prepared by bahirdhum and antardhum methods in experimental rats

Patil Nilambari M , Dole  Vilas A